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Full management of tourist homes in Jerez

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Up to 80% more income
Local experience in tourism housing management
75% of average occupation

Your properties in Jerez will be visible in multiple reservation channels

as Airbnb, Homeaway, Booking.com, Tripadvisor and other leading global channels to obtain the maximum possible occupation for your home

Our Services

We take care of everything, just relax

Profile and Ads optimization
Ads carefully created by an expert, to highlight the best aspects of your home and published in multiple booking channels
Advice and Licenses
All the properties that we manage have a tourist license, relax, we take care of everything
Professional Photography
The best way to show your home, photos made by professionals that highlight the most beautiful details of your home
Rate Optimization
We have advanced technology tools that allow us to optimize rates to ensure that your apartment is always booked at the best price
Reservations Management
Thanks to our multiplatform technology, we attend all incoming reservation requests and confirm your stay instantly
Communications with Guests
We communicate with guests quickly and efficiently, answer your questions and resolve your concerns 24/7
We welcome our guests with a smile and explain how your apartment works
Traveler Despatch
We check who will be staying in your house, sending their data to the police upon entering the accommodation
Cleaning and Laundry
Our cleaning team takes care of the set-up of your house for your next guests
Your home always like new, at the end of each stay we check that your house is in the best conditions
Interior Decoration
Our interior designers work for a complete or partial decoration, according to your budget and make your home shine
Owner Control Panel
You will always be informed of the occupation and income of your home through our owners panel

Getting started is very easy

We get in touch, we estimate the profits of your property for the first year, and you decide without commitment if we continue working together. 5 simple steps that will earn you much more


Fill out the contact form, talking about your property


We get in touch to tell you how we work, we solve your doubts and we send you the estimate of earnings for your first year


We prepare your property and create more attractive ads, highlighting the best features of the property and publishing it in the leading online booking channels


We manage incoming reservations, guest inquiries and a warm welcome. All the information will be available in your control panel


We perform the services of the home after the stay, and you receive the money in your account monthly without worrying about anything

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We totally manage your house and we charge a percentage of the reservations managed month by month so that you obtain maximum profitability

Variable Rate

21%(VAT included)

What our guests say about Surthy

How can we help you?

You can contact us by sending an email to info@surthy.com, through our contact form in the Owner Services section or by calling our customer service line at +34 611 161 529.

One of the main factors when it comes to making profitable your vacation rental home is a good management of the different online platforms. If you are not familiar with the internet world or simply do not have time to manage them, this option is perfect for you.

In Surthy we put our experience at your disposal and we do all the online tourist rental service for you, from the creation of the profile of your home to the management of reservations, always attending to your needs and schedule. In addition, we make a continuous variation of the price based on seasonality, occupation and events to obtain the greatest possible benefit.

We get a return far superior to the traditional rent, up to 70% more. According to the characteristics of the apartment (size, capacity, decoration) and its location.

To maximize that profitability we are talking about, it is important to know how to market the apartment in the correct channels and manage the prices well, in short to have a high occupancy and high prices. That is why Surthy offers this service, so that the owner does not have to worry about anything and receive at the end of the month a much higher salary than what he had been receiving with his long-term rental, and even in the short.

Since we close the collaboration agreement, we take care of everything. You just have to take care of giving us your current account and receiving, at the end of the month, a high profitability. All you need is to review our comprehensive management services contract, after signing Surthy will take care of the rest. We will make a photographic report and an inventory of what is in the house. After that, we will begin to promote housing in all online tourist rental portals.

We can not answer this question without seeing the house and analyzing its profitability. There are many factors that influence the benefit that a tourist housing can offer, such as the characteristics of the same, the exact location of the apartment, the decoration, the capacity, the competence of the area, etc.

In our protocol of action, always after visiting the house, we present a profitability plan to the owner, of course without any commitment for the owner, in which we analyze the prices of the area for flats of similar characteristics, and we make an estimate, according to certain parameters very studied by our team, which allows us to have a very reliable estimate of the yields we will obtain throughout the year.

At Surthy, we work as a team with the owners. We do not transfer the concerns, but we are very aware of them and we make them participants of everything that happens if they wish. We can get involved as much as you want. We will give you access to our owners Intranet, so you can track your home at all times. And if you do not want to know anything and you just want to receive your money, it will be like that.
If we do it. We have a tourism rental portals management team that keeps track of all property reservations using smart technology. This means that there are no crossings between the stays booked on different platforms. We can list your property on more than 15 platforms so that it can be seen by as many guests as possible.
To be able to lodge with Surthy, your property will need all the basic items that can be found in any ideal home. We will detail each one of them in a list of requirements after checking the house. If you are missing one, let us know and Surthy can manage the purchase and we will charge you at the end of the month. Tell us about your property and our account management team will be in touch to answer any questions you may have.

As long as we have photographs of your property and all the relevant details that we require from the owner (including, among others: identity document, house manual with all the necessary information, delivery of key copies, verification of the profile in Airbnb), your ad can be published and improved in just 48 hours on Airbnb If your photo session is scheduled, the photographer can take up to 48 hours to edit and send the final photos, after this period the announcement will be published.

For other platforms besides Airbnb, the ad can take around 24-48 hours to be approved (TripAdvisor and HomeAway) and another 3-4 weeks for Booking.com because they work with independent approval processes.

Ads managed by Surthy usually need between 10 and 15 reservations and guest ratings to consolidate and so we can set high prices. Due to the seasonality of the holiday rental market, this consolidation period may vary throughout the year.

Thanks to our services and superior performance, we have managed to get many owners to switch to our management from other companies, so this is a process to which we are accustomed.

Surthy will manage without problems any existing reservation as well as the pending communication with guests of these reservations, as long as we can obtain a correct access to your property in the appropriate period of time. Once you sign up with us, all your existing and future reservations will be managed under Surthy's terms and conditions.

Yes, of course, we have an internal Interior Design team.

At Surthy we know how important it is for a home to be visually attractive, comfortable and pleasant for travelers. Our team is expert in knowing what is attractive in apartments of this type advertised in online platforms, helping you always to maximize your income.

For greater peace of mind, Surthy recommends its clients to contract a specific insurance for houses for tourist use.
Hiring the services of Surthy has no fixed cost. We are so sure of what we do that we link our revenues to the success of the management, charging a commission of 21% on the rental income that this apartment had that month. We will not charge you any registration fee or stay because we do not have. Tell us about your property and our account management team will be in touch to answer any questions you may have.
Our rates already include VAT, this being 21%.
Additional charges for which an owner may be liable include any maintenance work carried out by our operators, of which the owner will be previously informed for approval.
When we say that Surthy offers you the Integral Management of your apartment we want to say that we take care of everything related to the rental and operation of it, so that you do not have to occupy yourself, nor worry about anything. We are experts in vacation rentals, so we know how to maximize your home without having to take care of anything.
The integral management service includes:
  • Elaboration of specific professional presentation for the Property (commercial presentation, description of the equipment, valued inventory).
  • Professional photo session of the house.
  • Inclusion of the property on the Surthy website.
  • Inclusion and management of the property in other online tourist rental portals.
  • Management of conditioning, decoration, renovation and equipment (optional by the Owner).
  • Welcome, Check-in and Check-out of guests.
  • Coordination and management of maintenance, incidents and repairs.
  • Collection and guarantee management.
  • Cleaning service and laundry of the property borrowed in each reservation.
  • Issuance of invoices to travelers.
To obtain good results when marketing the apartment, it is necessary to have some really attractive photographs that capture the traveler's attention and show the reality of the apartment. We take care of getting the professional report that will get the most out of the apartment.
Not at all. The cleaning and laundry service is also included in our management. After the departure of the guests we carry out the cleaning thoroughly, and always before the arrival of the new guest we check that everything is perfect.

Of course, in Surthy we take care of the marketing of the apartment, but also of the contact with the travelers even before the moment of the reservation.

We perform Check-in 7 days a week. We welcome the guests in the home, we welcome them and we accompany them to the house where we explain the details and rules of the house, giving them the keys along with information of interest about the city, so that they get the best out of their stay. In addition, to achieve your full satisfaction and make your stay an unforgettable memory, we advise you on what to do, see and where to go if you need it, recommending restaurants in the area, giving information about museums or assisting them in any other matter they may need.

After accepting our budget, we will sign a management contract with you. Once signed, we will ask you to leave us four sets of keys. Do not worry, we will keep your keys safely. With this we can take care of both receiving travelers, and assist them in case of loss or repairs in the home, so you do not have to.
Surthy operates mainly in the center of Jerez. If you have questions about whether we operate your area, ask us! Our team will tell you happy.
The sheets and towels can make the rest of our travelers a wonder or a nightmare, according to the quality of them. The owner must provide 4 sets of sheets and towels per person. The complete set consists of low sheets, duvet cover, pillow cases, shower, hand and face towels and bath mat.
Sure! After the Check-out, we value the stay of the guests in the reservation platforms and we make use of the deposit if necessary. Do not worry, you will be informed at all times.
Yes, on the departure of the guests, we visit the house and make sure that everything is correct and that it has not suffered any damage, closing the windows, turning off the lights and radiators and closing the door with a key.
To avoid this type of problems in the homes we are very careful with the guests who occupy them. We always request information about your trip, we make sure you have a verified profile on the reservation platforms and that you always have good ratings on previous experiences.

In Surthy we include a basic maintenance for your home and we take care of small incidentals. If there is any major damage we will inform you so you can decide how to repair it. We can also help you with these repairs, but we would always ask you before approval of the expense. Surthy will be the one who claims the damages to the clients, as well as the damages and other casuistry.

However, the legal relationship is between the client and the owner, that is, in case you want to file a lawsuit, we can not do it but you. This has never happened to us, and we make hundreds of rentals per month; and if there is any damage it is always us who claim it from the client since we are the ones who check the property after its departure.

We pay monthly. At the end of the month the calculation is made and the total amount generated by the apartment minus our commission is paid to the owner. At the same time we send the invoice by email, along with a monthly report of the housing activity that includes income, expenses, total occupancy. However, the owner can access their profile at any time to see all the information regarding their apartments.
Our clients sign a contract without duration, and we offer the possibility of canceling it with 2 months notice if one of the two parties is not satisfied. However, the best way to bond with us, is to give you a great result, and we achieve it, always.
Due to the knowledge that our extensive experience gives us, we obtain a high profitability in the apartments that we manage, avoiding any concern to the owner. The formula is simple: high occupancy with good prices. We update the prices daily based on variables such as the price of the competition by area, the opinions of the guests, the decoration of the home, the season, meteorology, possible events in the city ... and the sum continues
The contractual relationship is always between the owner of the house and the guest, so the owner must ensure that it complies with the local regulations that regulate their ability to assign the home for such purposes.
To get started in the tourist rental will be necessary to process the Tourist License and register the establishment in the Tourism Registry of the Junta de Andalucía. Without a tourist license you can not legally exercise as a tourist entrepreneur and, therefore, you can not rent your services to the guests. If you break this rule you risk being penalized with really high fines. Click here to obtain more information about the requirements and regulation of housing for tourism purposes of the Junta de Andalucía.
Those individuals who obtain income derived from the rental of a property have an obligation to report it annually through the annual declaration of Personal Income Tax (IRPF). The taxable tax base is calculated by subtracting from the gross income of the received income the necessary expenses incurred by the individual to lease the property. All income obtained must be declared, regardless of whether it has been rented two days or a whole year.

When determining the net return, the following expenses would be deductible, assuming that they are fully paid by the Owner and have not been passed on to the tenant, there being proof of payment of the same.

A. General: all the expenses necessary to obtain the yield.
B. Specific: For purposes of the IRPF (i.e. a natural person owns the property) the following expenses that have actually been borne by the owner are deductible from the net lease of the property (return of real estate capital in the IRPF):

1. Interest on financing for acquisition of the property.
2. Amortization of the property.
3. Taxes (e.j. IBI, garbage rates, cleaning lighting, etc.) ITP is not deductible or those of a penalizing nature.
4. Expenses of personal services (e.j. administrative expenses, guard or watchman, goal, gardening, etc.)
5. Legal expenses for the formalization of the lease and intermediation expenses.
6. Maintenance and repair costs (eg painting, replacement of elements, such as heating installations, security doors, etc.) Not those intended for the expansion or improvement of the property.
7. Expenses of the community of owners.
8. Liability insurance expenses, theft, fire, glass breakage or the like.
9. Expenses for services and supplies (water, gas, electricity, etc.)

From the above list, the expenses for interest and repair and conservation, can only be deducted in full until the full return of the property. The expenses are deductible in the proportion that the property is actually rented, i.e. if the property is rented 9 months a year, it is 75% of the year, which means that 75% of the expenses can be discounted. However, the expenses of intermediation or of announcements made to obtain the rent may be deducted in their entirety irrelevantly from how long the property was rented.